Archetype-17This shoot was SOOOOOOO much fun! It was shot on the S.S. Elissa docked in Galveston! I had a blast and got to spend the sunset evening with some amazing people! The hair was suppose to be wavy and romantic and the makeup bronzed like she lived a sun-kissed life! Bonus!!!!!! the work was featured on Green Wedding Shoes!Archetype-57

Her foundation- face and body

Bronzer- extra dimension

Eyes- crush metal pigment, brown script, embark, sketch eye shadow

lips- delectable lipstick, flusterrose gloss, cork liner

hair- pincurled with a 1 1/2 inch curling ironArchetype-56

Floral: Maria Maxit,
Bakery: Cakes by Jula,
Invitation Suite/Calligraphy:
Makeup and hair: &
Place settings, Linens & Table/Chairs: Vintage, from photographers’ personal collection
Gowns: BHLDN (the Vivienne in Cloud Gray) and Sarah Janks (the Delilah gown with an ivory overlay and antique slip) <-provided via BeInspiredPR
Models: Michalah Caughey, Shamanda Kennerson
Photographers: Koby & Terilyn Brown,


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Unprocessed- the new look of makeup

by Jenni on September 22, 2014

unprocessedThere has been a new trend that can be seen walking down the runway and gracing red carpets everywhere! oddly, it is the look of wearing NO makeup…just a perfected face with the focus on luminous skin. Barely there colors wash the lids and lips and a highlighted glow caress the cheeks. It might be a change of pace for some ladies…especially if you love the dramatic makeup that we see up and down our Instagram newsfeed…and don’t get me wrong I love it— I think a cut crease on a Wednesday is always a good idea! however, the fashion industry is saying the woman underneath all that highlight and contour is beautiful! I like this unprocessed natural look, I mean it works great on women that have that perfect skin…but unfortunately I am not one of those lucky ones… sooo what to do? how can I partake in this new trend and still feel confident? Let me get honest for a minute… and unmask what I look like before the discepticon transformation that my makeup allows me to do…The 40/40 Club 10 Year Anniversary Party - Inside I have acne scars… a few blemishes…freckles…discoloration, and of course under eye bags… not to mention I am oily which makes me naturally shy away from the whole dewy trend… this “unprocessed” au-natural trend goes against everything that I am trying to hide! Nevertheless, I attempted it and I gotta tell you, it felt great! Now, it isn’t something I would wear on a date night, or a special occasion, but I would defiantly wear it Sunday brunch, shopping, hanging out with my friends. I felt like me, just a more perfected me, like me with a filter… another benefit to this… I got ready SO much faster! You can vamp up this look, this is what you see most on the red carpet…like this perfected luminous face with a bold lip, or with a sexy smudgy liner. This makes this natural look more va-va-voom! Here is what I used for this trendy new look!

First- I moisturized my skin with strobe cream

Concealed blemishes with prolong wear concealer

C.C. Cream ( color corrector) on my areas of my face that have some discoloring.

Face and body foundation

Mineralized concealer under eyes

casual color on cheeks and lips

cream color base for highlight on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin

Mineralized lip gloss

teddy eyeliner

espresso eye shadow in brows

Mineralized mascara

translucent powder on my t zone to control oilunprocessedjenni

All these products are Mac… Hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing how you enjoy this new Fall look!




Summer Proof Makeup

by Jenni on July 28, 2014

With day parties, barbeques, and the beach calling our names this summer…we gotta make sure we stay looking flawless despite the heat!

Here are my favorite Summer Proof Products that can handle the weather and the fun!

Mac Face and Body Foundation- This is a great light weight foundation that is sweat and water resistant! faceandbodyfoundation

Mac Prolong Wear Compact Foundation- This cream foundation has a 10 hour wear on it! It holds up well especially for ladies who want oil control and a little more coverage!

Mac Prolong Wear Paint Pots- these little gems are cream eye shadows! They have 15 hour wear on them, water and sweat resistant plus they are crease proof!

Mac Point Black Eyeliner- this liquid eyeliner is truly water proof…like it aint goin no where…

Mac Splashproof Mascara- this ultra black mascara can with stand the waves and keep your eyelashes looking voluminous and sexy!macsplashproof

Mac Waterproof Brow Gel- these brow gels are water proof and come in a wide range of colors…they keep your brows in place! No more fear of your brows to disappear!

Duo Waterproof Eyelash Glue in Dark- this is my favorite eyelash glue…the dark color makes the lash line look fuller…plus the water proof aspect keeps your lashes on no matter what! the formula is strong but not harsh when it comes time to remove!


Have fun in the sun ladies and look good doin’ it! Hope this list helps! Here is a pic of me and my makeup at Jones Beach in New York after a day in the sun plus getting in the water and getting knocked down by waves! beachpic







The sun is out and we are ready to be a golden goddess! Here is the scoop on bronzers that can get you that sun kissed look that is sure to turn heads!

Matte Bronzers- these types of bronzers are usually powder and create a deeper tone with out any sparkle. They are great to use as a contour as well.

Mac Matte Bronzer  is one of my favs. It has a deep tone that isn’t too warm.

Traditional Bronzers with some shimmer- these bronzers are typically powder form as well and create a deeper skin tone as well as a slight shimmer to create a glow. You can use it all over or just on the parts of your face that you want to give a little warmth to.

Mac Refined Golden is great! It has a warm tone with gold shimmer. The texture is great too because it is jet-milled and blends easily.

Mac Mineralized Bronzer in Give Me Sun is another amazing bronzer! It has a buttery warm tone and a natural skin finish!

Cream Bronzers- I really like cream bronzers! they are so versatile because you can use them all over to create a natural looking completion or you can use them as a contour or even just in areas of the face that you want to add a glow!

Mac Improper Copper Cream Color Base- this is a cream bronzer that has a gold shimmer. It adds a glow with slight color. You can even use it on your eyes as well!

Mac BB Bronzer in Golden- this is a BB cream that has a deep warm tone. You can use it by itself or underneath foundation for an all over warmth. I love this underneath a mineralized powder for natural looking summer skin!

Liquid Bronzers- liquid bronzers are great for adding a glow to the skin. I like to add it to my liquid foundations to create an all over glow however you can just put it in areas that you want a subtle shine.

Mac Luster Drops in Sun Rush- these are little drops of gold! I love to add it to face and body foundation for a sexy dewy look!

Shimmer Bronzers- shimmer bronzers are so pretty! they are usually powder either pressed or loose! They add some color but are mainly usually used to create a glow ( think J-LO) I recommend just using it on the cheeks and down the center of the nose…if you go to over board you can look like a disco ball!

Mac Mineralized Bronzer in Gold Deposit- this is a beautiful gold tone! It looks amazing on all skin tones! Bonus—You can use it wet or dry!

Enjoy and I hope this gave you a more clear idea on all types of bronzers! Try them all and tell me what are your favs for your signature summer time look!


My Favorite Lipsticks for Weddings

by Jenni on June 5, 2014


With Weddings season in full swing I wanted to give ya’ll my top picks for lipsticks! These colors are perfect for the bride or for her bridal party! Brides always want to look their very best which means fresh, flawless, and of course beautiful!

Crème cup by Mac- this color is a light creamy pink…it is soft and romantic and gives your lips a little color. It pairs great with dramatic eyes or with natural eyes! try with soar lip liner and boy bait cream sheen!

Faux by Mac- This is a nude pink. It is a great for more olive skin tone because it has more neutral tones in it. I like this tone for a more sophisticated look. try with whirl lip liner and ample pink plush glass!

Japanese Maple by Mac- this is a creamy nude. It is a soft nude with sheer coverage. It is glossy and is great for more dramatic eyes. try with strip down lip liner and c-thru lip glass!

Cherish by Mac- this is a great nude for deeper skin tone. It is a satin finish and has slight pink tone to it. It pairs well with dramatic or natural eyes. Try it with cork liner and viva glam V lip glass!

Ravishing by Mac- this is a soft peachy color. It has a great coral tone that goes well with dramatic or natural eyes! Try it with summer fruit liner and fulfilled plush glass.

Ruby woo by Mac- This is a matte cherry red. This color looks amazing on all skin tones! I love it with soft eyes and classic eye liner! Try it with kiss me quick lip liner!

Hope this helps and the best part about these colors is that you can wear them year round! Let me know how they work out for you and I know you will look amazing on your special day!



loseweightWe all have had those occasions where we say to ourselves…I just need to drop  like 5 pounds fast! Maybe its for that new dress you just bought, a wedding you gotta attend, or you plan on running into your ex and you need to make sure you look amazing! Here are a few tips and tricks I have had used in the past! Now I must warn you these aren’t permanent fixes…and shouldn’t be used all the time….BUT they do have quick results!

Water Pills- these little bad boys can be found at Walmart or CVS…they get rid of water weight especially if you feel bloated or have been eating a lot of salt!

Super Dieters Tea- You drink this tea at night and it cleanses you…of toxins…and other things (You wake up in the morning and gotta go) You can pick some up at your grocery store

Saffron Extract- Saffron has a reputation for being an appetite suppressant and reducing belly fat and its all natural! It also helps with emotional over eating which is a big issue for me! Again, it can be found at your grocery store!

Body Wraps- I like these things…the ones you get done at a spa…they measure you first then measure you after the wraps so you can see how many INCHES you have loss! They can be kinda pricey…but immediate results are worth it!



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February 13, 2014

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January 29, 2014

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Best Products To Remove Your Makeup

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