Marilyn Collection- Holiday 2012

October 4, 2012 Available—unveiling September 25 2012

The silver screen icon is the feature of Macs Collection this Holiday Season! It features everything you need to embody the sex-symbol from deep red lipcolos to shimmery eye shadows that look good even in black and white. The collection also features some products that Mac has had before (but in special Marilyn packaging) like the eyeliners, and eye pencils. Rich toned nail colors are available in this sex charged collection…so that way you can be alluring from head to toe! Don’t forget to grab your lashes! There is no way you could be Marilyn with out them!

Some of my faves in this collection are:

The Forever Marilyn Peach Highlighter (for your cheeks)

Charmed I’m Sure deep red lipstick (Matte)

Show girl- Velux Pearl eyeshadow (dark grey blue color)


Japan’s Latest Trend—Bagel Head???

by Jenni on September 27, 2012

Now some may think that having a breakfast pastry on your forhead may seem strange…but others may think its trendy…take Japans latest body modifacation…people are injecting saline in their forhead where they sit until this bagel shape is formed (which takes about 2 hours) the effect last around 12-16 hours. This new fad was made popular by a famous photographer who saw this being done in Toranto. It may seem weird ( i will be the forst one to admit i thought this was weird even for me) but then i thought about all the weird stuff we do tht the rest of the world proabably laughs at…a few of my favorite examples…gold grills, boys wearing girl pants, those sharpy eye brows…just to name a few! So maybe we cant judge too much! But i dont think that i will be mad if this bagle head thing doesnt take off here in the US! Just wanted yall to know about whats hot not just in our back yard but over seas as well! Let me know if you would rock a baked good in



Acne? I got the answer

by Jenni on September 26, 2012

Nothing feels worse then having  blemishes…and it doesn’t matter how much concealer you use, those pesky bumps still are annoying…So what to do? Well i suffered from acne too and i felt miserable and very un-sexy (i felt self-conscious all the time) and i tried EVERYTHING…from all natural products to pro-active, and all those home remedies that your granny tells you about…still nothing worked…until i went to the Institute of Anti-aging and got a hydra facial. Before i got my facial they took me to this machine and took a picture of my face then the computer software showed me where the bacteria build up was on my face (it was gross) then the hydra facial began…basically it is this machine that does microdermabrasion, then sucks out all your black heads, and then deposits nutrients into your skin. It was amazing! My skin was smooth and felt super clean and polished! The esthetician then told me about their 3 step system and i admit i was sceptical… but the hydra facial and that nasty photo of me with all my bacteria growing on my face made me take the plunge. It is called Obaji and the system is called Cleanziderm. There is a cleanser, a toner, and a spot treatment. A moisturizer isn’t included and they do sell on there that has sunscreen in it but i didn’t get that. The stuff burns at first, im not gonna lie, but within a few days my bumps were gone!!!! And they have stayed gone! People noticed ( and you know my mom will tell me the truth, the cold hearted truth) Now once i skipped a day or two and my skin noticed and i saw a few bumps! So i live by this stuff! (i will have Cleanziderm in my casket) Another few tips to keep in mind is to make sure you are sleeping on a clean pillow case every night and your phone is always against your face and is filthy with germs. Also, make sure you are taking your make up off every single night ladies! Even if you are dog-tired…keep some make up wipes in your night stand and take that make up off! So if you suffer from acne and still havent found what works for you i HIGHLY suggest you try Cleanziderm! I’m excited to hear of the morning you wake up and love how your skin looks! Send pics!


The New Smokey Eye

by Jenni on September 25, 2012

I have a confession…i am so over the overly smokey eye…it looks like some women got punched in the face…and the sad part is that all that black eyeshadow makes many peoples eyes look small and closed off ( i don’t know too many women who want that!)  Now i understand that there are the certain occasions that it is quite apprioprate to rock that damn smokey eye…( one of those times is not out for Sunday morning mimosas with your girlfriends…unless its makeup from the night before!) So what to do? Lets switch it up ladies! This season you will be seeing brown smokey eye. It s a lighter and more updated version that still gives drama and a sultry effect with out being harsh. Another fun idea that is very trendy is a green smokey eye! Try a dark hunter green (i like sumptuous Olive or Humid by Mac) on the lid, with saddle  (mac) in the crease and blanc type (mac) as your brow highlight. This color combo is great on all skin tones! One more fun idea for your girls night out? A violet smokey eye (and you know plum shades are all the rage this season!) Violet looks especially alluring on brown eyes!  Try something new and you will be surprised by how hot and smoking you are! If you are just too scaredy cat to take the plunge…mix up your black shadow and try another color on the lid and use the black shadow for the crease and the under eye smudging…So have fun with your evening looks ladies and don’t limit your self! I look forward to seeing some hot pics of you in your fall sexy smoldering smokey eyes!


Lena Leday Fashion Show-Shoe-a-cide

by Jenni on September 24, 2012

It wouldn’t be fashion with out a little drama…Drama on the runway and a little drama backstage…When i showed up the the Lena Leday Fashion show i knew i was in for a treat…It was held at the fabulous Villagio…which looks like a Mediterranean dream venue. With huge ceilings, and white fabric draped from the opulent wrought iron chandeliers the tone of elegance is evident. When you walked along the red carpet and entered through the heavy wooden doors there were a few tables set up with catering (provided by Cuisine De’ Leh’Car – Rachel LeDay.)  Hor dors served in champagne glasses and different elegant mixed drinks were served to all the guest waiting for the fashion show doors to be opened. Everyone was, of course, dressed in their fashion show gear. Women in cute cocktail dressed and hair and makeup done with the fake lashes to match! Their was a uniformed police officer manning the door to the event and you know that they were keeping this fashion show under secret surveillance! Well you know i went inside to find some sort of drama going on…the storm seemed to be over by the time i got inside (too bad!) but their was some models upset and Paris Warren (of course) was in the center of it! You know Paris travels with some of Houston’s most sought after models! But the show went under way as planned! And the guest were granted to sit down we found some swag bags on the VIP seats (some of my favs were a little cake from the cater and a lil black coin purse) and a raised cat walk (very long i might add) with white material adoring the edges. It was an angelic scene and the show even opened with a cute little girl with angel wings walking the the cat walk! The show was to spot light Lena Leday’s fab shoe line! Their were cute heels in fun colors and even shoes with feathers and sparkles! I am a shoe fanatic so i really enjoyed the show! The show also featured original designs from Lena Leday and also Lauren P.Carmon. One of my favorite pieces was this form fitting black see through dress with tourquious accents (worn my Model McKeilah Bolanos) All the models looked lovely and posed twice on the runway!( Loved that for pic purposes!) Hair and make up was provided by the Paul Mitchell school and their students did a great job! All the models wore their hair up and make up varied on every model. Many wore a dramatic cat eye and bright colored lips. Ashley Small helped assist Paris with the show and did a great job (as usual) and of course you know Paris Warren (in a custom fit forest green blazer) made sure those models knew how to work that runway! Lena Leday did a fantastic job (first of many she said) and set the bar high! I look forward to seeing more from this shoe and accessories designer and i might even get her fuchsia velvet sky-walkers (they were super hot and Shelly Sosa rocked and stomped them down that runway!) To see more of Lena Leday’s Line visit her website at



Fall’s Hottest Lip Colors

by Jenni on September 23, 2012

Try Chanel's Rouge Allure for your new lip color

This season is all about plums and vampy lip colors. Darker shades turn heads and  look great on all skin tones( and will show that you know whats in!) Bring these lipcolors stright off the runway into your makeup collection! Plums, violets, darker red tones, and even funky magentas are what you will be seeing from celebrities and models alike! Also, more of a matte finish is on trend. So try something new and skip on the gloss. In order to make your lips look finished, try using a lip liner first, then apply your lipstick. On your eyes, less is more! Try using browns for your smokey eyes instead of black for your night time look. For day pair these fall lip colors with taupes and golds, and even light shades of grey. Ive listed some of my favorite finds for you to get those lips on trend this season:

Macs Up the Amp-Amplified lip stick

Covergirls Outlast Last Lip color in Burgandy

Chanel’s Luminous Intense Lipclor in Rouge Allure

Send me pics of you wearing your favorite Fall Lip Color!




Houston’s Fashion Scene Needs Viagra-Why It Can’t Get It Up

Imagine you see a sexy guy, you get all hot and bothered, you proceed to fantasize (with high expectations) of him rocking your world, finally the big moment comes and….nothing, just a piece of flaccid meat dangling…what a waste! That’s how I feel about Houston’s fashion scene…so many great components and yet it’s not the fashion hub that it SHOULD be! We have great designers here! (I really wanna name drop but I’m going to refrain)…Great Makeup Artist! Great hair stylist! Not to mention amazing fashion stylist! We are not lacking fashion shows! We even have sexy models to pose for the cam and stomp the runways! But most importantly, Houston is filled with fashion conscious people who set trends. So what is the missing component? Unity.Plain and Simple

Everyone (well I shouldn’t say everyone but let me just vent here for a moment) everyone seems to try to become their own star and they expect for everyone to help them for free, (because they are the next big thing) I understand you wanna build your empire but you are on a budget, but if we all started making demands to be compensated for our talent then we will all win! Come on Houston! Let’s get that Charlie Sheen Mentality of WINNING! We have to start calling in our friends that can contribute to our project (sharing the spotlight and building up others) and we have to start charging admissions to our show, and we have to start paying our artist and designers. We must encourage each other to grow and PROSPER! If we became more unified front then we can set standards and not be met with so much confrontation. I want Houston’s Fashion Scene to become cohesive and create a look that will leave a stamp on the entire fashion industry. All too often I hear of our talent speaking of “leaving Houston to go to other cities so they can make it.” Let’s create a city where people are flocking here to make it! Forbes named us the coolest city to live! That’s huge! So here is my call to action…from designers, to makeup/hair stylist, and to all fashion lovers—-SUPPORT OUR FASHION SCENE! Be willing to pay to get into shows and let’s start demanding money for our time and talent! Money that we can reinvest into ourselves which will, in-turn, allow us to produce these international caliber shows that Houston is capable of. Let’s get Houston the recognition it deserves! We need to start a movement! SO JOIN WITH ME! LETS GET HOUSTON ON THAT LITTLE BLUE PILL…I think Houston is hard and ready :)



Best Nude Lip Gloss-MAC Boy Bait

by Jenni on September 20, 2012

Nude lip gloss can be worn by itself or on top of a lip color! My favorite is Mac’s Boy Bait! It has the perfect amount of color that makes all your lipsticks a great creamy texture and have lots of dimension. For the perfect soft nude pink shade try applying Cream Cup lipstick by Mac with Boy Bait lip gloss on top. Another sexy cocktail… Shy Girl Mac Lipstick with Boy Bait on top for a great nude lip…plus the name of the lip gloss speaks for itself!



Armani Watch Out- Here Comes Lawrence Pizzi

by Jenni on September 16, 2012

Armani Watch Out-Here Comes Lawrence Pizzi

“My Clothes are not made for constipated people,” the wise words of a confident man with a fashionable point of view…also known as the international designer Lawrence Pizzi. And he is right. From see through double breasted suits, to purple leather collar shirts, his clothes are like no other I have ever seen. My first introduction to Lawrence Pizzi was of course through Paris Warren, (aka Mr. Fashion Houston) He was doing a workshop at Hotel Derek and was going to be spreading his knowledge to Houston’s budding fashion world. It was a standing room only event with sexy clothes adorning some of the best models Houston has. You gotta be sexy in order to wear Lawrence Pizzi’s designs. His collection was inspired by Russian and Middle Eastern influences and you can see it in his clothing. The men were wearing open hooded shirts and the women delicate silks and see through burn out lace. They were quite intoxicating and looked effortless and expensive (which is a balance hard to achieve) He spoke about how Houston designers needed to “share” resources and that his belief in Karma is what has propelled him in the industry. The hair (done by yours truly Jenni Reed) was in up do’s that were messy and chic. Tousled sexiness which was supposed to invoke “the day after partying” was perfect pairing with his clothing. The makeup, done by Amore Monet, was instructed to carry on this theme of “TDAP” (the day after partying) She over drew the lips on the models and dusted their face with golden bronzer. The models posed in hotel Derek where the fleets of photographers who covered the event got to have impromptu photo shoots while the guest chatted in the Valentino Wine Room.

The next day I had a shoot with Lawrence Pizzi where the noted photographer Kristy Mapp, and model Mekeilah Bolanos and model Mitroya Thibodaux teamed up to make some magic happen! I was on hair and makeup and Lawrence Pizzi said he wanted the hair to be messy and undone, and the makeup to be natural and flawless. I kept the brows strong because I wanted the strength of the women who wears his clothes to be expressed in the photos. The lips were nude and got more vibrant as the shoot progressed…I used shades of coral, bubble gum pink, and magenta on the models lips…and slightly darkened the eye with a plum shadow. Lawrence Pizzi is charming and quick. He is very involved in the shoot. I would describe him as upbeat and a man who knows what he wants. I really enjoyed my shoot…Despite it being a hot Texas Summer day he made it pleasant and exhilarating…just being around this creative force is inspiring! Lawrence Pizzi is scheduled to show in Paris Fashion Week in October 2012. Check out his website for more on this amazing man!


Candy Reloaded Fashion Show-Ivy Shades Keeps Houston Cool

Big Booty Rappers, Cool Eye Glasses, and Free Vodka…There is only one place I could be and that is the Ivy Shades Fashion Show…She had a big production and a cool flyer so I was intrigued and felt I needed to see what all this commotion was all about. I arrive a little early to the event and got a chance to go behind the scenes to wear the models were getting ready. There were about 20 models in the show and they were all done up with big over the top hair and bold make up. Color on the eyes, lashes that were afoot long, out fits that had sequins…You could tell it was going to be a good and flashy show! The event was held at the House of Deron, and the stage was surrounded by a row of see through modern chairs…each chair had an Ivy Shades goodie bag and the event was beginning to get more crowded. I finally got a chance to say hello to Ms. Ivy Shades herself, and she was easily spotted! She had on a printed jumpsuit on, with high heels, her hair in pulled up curls, and of course her signaturepink-rine stone studded- jumbo style -cat eye glasses! She looked like a brat doll this ball of energy that people were clamoring for her attention! She greeted everyone sincerely and thanked them for coming to the show, pulling them by the hand and seating them. There was a DJ there warming the crowd up with a few old favorites like 112, and Keisha Cole, and of course you know I was feeling every minute of that! I was approached by a few of the people waiting for the show to begin with them introducing themselves and handing me there cards. I was seated next to some salon owners, and people from other magazine publications, including Hip Hop Weekly being there! Ivy Shades sure does have some VIPs attending her shows! When the show began Ivy introduced a rep from Fallen Veterans (which is what her show was raising money for) and then Ivy got to work being a great host! She really got the crowed amped up! The show was a high intensity event with models stomping the runway! The inspiration for the hair and makeup was 80’s style, the bigger the better! I attended the event with the one and only Paris Warren and he was cheering on the models and calling them out by name yelling his catch phrases “YOU BETTER WORK!” They had a few intermissions in which Ivy instructed the crowed to go and get some drinks! (Again I was all about this!) The VIP upstairs had complementary drinks provided by a Texas based Vodka Company. I was told to mix the vodka with Dr. Pepper which is called a Chocolate Drop (it did taste like chocolate! Yummy!) Brian from day 26 was upstairs and made his way down stairs to take photos (Ivy really does bring out the VIPS) And to close the show Ms. Brittany herself came and rocked the stage…She looked great in a peach colored shirt and acid washed jeans (showing off her infamous booty) and Paris Warren was dancing and getting the crowed hyped! Just Brittany preformed her song “Pose” while Ivy presented her new eye wear collection “Candy Reloaded” This collection had over sixed eyeglasses (super hot) brightly colored frames, Rhine stones, pearls, the whole nine yards! It was spectacular! Every pair that adorned the runway I just kept saying to myself WOW! I GOTTA DO A PHOTSHOOT WITH THAT! It really showed excellent artistry and creativity! Very impressive! With the great eye ware she had the models paired with brightly colored lips, and eye popping shadows that worked well with the super charged color collection! The end of the fashion show left me energized and ready for my evening! I am really looking forward to what Ms. Ivy Shades puts out next! Check out her collection at