My Behind the Scenes Video with Just Brittany

by Jenni on October 28, 2012

Here is a teaser from the Just Brittany Coeus Magazine Editorial Shoot! Make Up by ME!!! (Jenni Reed)



Mac “Glamour Daze” NEW eye shadows!!!

by Jenni on October 26, 2012

Mac’s New Holiday Collection Glamour Daze just released yesterday October 25! It is a collection inspired by the romance and feminine allure of a boudoir and the excitement of getting ready for a party. The collection features shimmers and a girly color pallet made to embrace all the best parts of being a lady! One of my favorite pieces in this collection are the Dimensional Eye Shadows. These shadows are amazing! They glide on so easily and give your eyes the pop that all girls are looking for with out much effort! The shadows come in a range of colors that are all on trend this season; A Natural Flirt (champagne color), Round Midnight (plum), and Tall Dark and Handsome (gunmetal) are a few of my favs in this new collection. These shadows have a shimmer effect but the velvet texture of the shadow gives it a sophisticated gleam. You can use these on all parts of your eye. You could create a smokey eye that is sure to turn heads or use as a brow highlight, or just a simple color on the lid would be impressive with these shadows! So try them out at your nearest mac store or order online at


How to Highlight and Contour Like a Pro

by Jenni on October 25, 2012

Highlighting and Contouring is the best kept secret that makeup artist (and drag queens!) have been keeping for years! It is the art of using makeup to bring out the best features in your face. It adds shape and dimension and it make your photograph beautifully because it helps the light land in the perfect places! It may seem a little scary at first, but it is so simple and easy that you can easily add it to your makeup routine! You just need a few simple products and brushes!

After you have applied your foundation take your concealer and apply it under your eyes.This should be a shade or 2 lighter than your foundation. Apply it down to where your nose ends and towards your ear. Also apply a thin line down the middle of your nose and add a little in between your eyes on our forehead. I also like to apply it around my mouth especially in your cupids bow, and small amount on my chin. Make sure to blend well into your foundation. Use a sponge for the blending! (Of course you apply under your eyebrows but you can do this with eye shadow!)

Next, a shade of darker toned powder (like 3 shades darker) or a matte bronzer and using a medium sized brush and brush upwards toward your ear from your cheek. You can find where your cheek bone is by sucking in your cheeks. this goes under your cheekbone. Do this on both sides.

Now, Apply this same darker toned powder to the sides of your nose. Also apply it along your jawline.

If you feel that you have a large forehead you can apply a little of the darker toned power to your forehead next to your hair line.

You apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks (this should be right where the high light and contour meet)

For an extra added touch, place an iridescent powder on top of the blush along the edge of the high light!

This may take some practice, but is well worth it! To see the difference try just doing this to one side of your face and not the other!



by Jenni on October 25, 2012


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Candy and Tatas—-Aujanes Sweets Fashion Show

by Jenni on October 23, 2012

Fierce models in candy coated lingerie stomped the runway in Tasteful Temptations fashion show put on by Aujanes Sweets. The event was to help the Houston Affiliate of the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, and boobies did not go unnoticed at the Zodiac inspired fashion show! The models wore sexy lingerie adorned with all of our favorite treats. Bustier covered in jelly beans and panties studded with skittles, were just a few of the innovative designs!  Trust me…I will never think of a peppermint in the same way! The room was filled with pink cupcakes, and cookies, and a vase of pink roses greeted you when you walked in to the Red Cat Jazz Café were the event was held. Erica Wilson was the lady behind the event and the owner and creator of the yummy designs. She wore a pale blue dress with some killer heels and her curly hair was down and in bouncy ringlets. She was warm and friendly and greeted everyone at her event. The host of the evening was Crystal Wall (Paul walls beautiful wife) and she was such a great time! She was upbeat, funny, and extremely charming! She kept the crowd hyped along with the amazing Dj Lady T. The models walked to Tyrese’s ‘Signs of Love Making” and sashayed the runway while Crystal Wall spoke of characteristics of each zodiac symbol. The models make up was bright and bold. The eyes had fun colors on them such as green and yellow with glossy lips, and of course, extreme and sexy lashes.  My favorite outfit of the evening was an angelic all white design. It came complete with a pair of white angel wings and a corset and panties with a train! The entire outfit was studded with assorted white candies and was truly breath taking! (Any groom would be very pleased if his new bride wore this on their wedding night!)

Aujanes Sweets fashion show was an intimate group. The energy felt as if you were among family and friends and you could tell there wasn’t a single person there who wasn’t supportive and enthusiastic to see Aujanes Sweets first Tasteful Temptation Fashion Show. I was glad to go and truly enjoyed myself, plus the cupcakes were so delicious (and I do consider myself a cupcake coinsurer!) To see more of Aujanes Sweets creations visit her facebook page at www.


I ran across the iS Cosmeceuticals brand while searching the Internet for the next great thing in anti aging. I read up on it and decided to give their product line a try…Now everyone knows that i have a major phobia about wrinkles and i am willing to go some pretty crazy steps to make sure i stay looking young! But i wanted to find a beauty regime that i can use daily bc great skin mean great makeup, not to mention feeling like i am winning the battle against the hands of time! So the day i received my package from iS Cosmeceuticals i was super excited! It came in a pretty white bag with bright silver tissue paper and i felt like i just got a present in the mail! (who doesn’t love PRESENTS! especially presents that prevent wrinkles!) It came with a cool booklet about the ingredients of the products and instructions about which order to use the products.

The first product i used was the Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment. The key ingredients are papaya enzymes and micro beads that help polish the skin. The instructions say to use it every 2-4 weeks and i understood why as soon as i used it! It felt like a microdermabrasion in a bottle! I really enjoyed it bc i wear a lot of make up and in this Texas heat it is easy to feel sticky and greasy but this product made me feel like i was uncovering a fresh new face! (Ps the next morning my skin was glowing and my foundation went on very smooth!)

After the exfoliating Enzyme Treatment, i used the Age Complex Treatment (the instructions said to use in the evening) The key ingredients are sugar cane extract, willow bark extract, and bilberry extract. I really enjoyed this product bc it also helps to combat acne and even skin tone. The texture of the serum doesn’t leave the skin feeling too oily which is important to me!

The last step to my evening beauty regime was the Reparative Moisturizer. The instructions said to use this in the evening as well as in the morning! The key ingredients in this product are hyaluronic acid,glycosaminoglycans,hydrolyzed wheat and soy protiens, copper tripeptide growth factors, beet root extract, haberlea rhodopensis leaf extract, and yeast extract. The moisturizer feels light weight and again didn’t leave my skin greasy. my skin felt smooth and soft. I feel that moisturizer is an extremely important step in all make up application bc thirsty skin is never sexy…Even if you have combination or oily skin you still must moisturize!!!

The next morning i applied the instant smooth gel all over my face. The key ingredients are watermelon, apple, pea and lentil extracts, caffeine and hydrolyzed wheat protein, antarctacine, and copper tripeptide growth factor. This is my favorite product in the bunch because it instantly smooths lines and i wear it under my makeup and i have a really nice smooth look.

I used this line for the past few weeks and it didn’t take long for me to start seeing a difference in my skin texture! My pores appear smaller and my skins tone improved a lot. Usually i have a slight rosiness to my cheeks and around my nose and that improved  greatly! I could feel that the products were a luxury item as soon as it touched my skin! I really enjoyed using the iS Cosmeceuticals line and i feel that if you are looking for anti-aging products i highly recommend this for sure! The science behind the formulation is impressive but more importantly i felt a difference in my skin!

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My New Favorite Eye Shadow Color

by Jenni on October 21, 2012

Matte shadow is under used! And nothing pops your shadow better than contrast!!! So i got my makeup done the other day (which is so much fun to do especially since i spend a lot of my time making up others!) and the make up artist introduced me to Yogurt (Mac)…which a fab matte shadow that has a slight lavender (very slight) tone to it but look amazing with violet shadow, browns and even dark navies and of course black shadow! My favorite way to use it is to apply yogurt to your entire lid, apply crease color (also a matte), then use a shimmer as your highlight (try nylon, dazzle light, phloof) Send me some pics of how you love Yogurt! Matte Shadows will be super hot this season espcially in pale pastel tones (Macs Glamour Day Collection is ready for pre order now and will launch Oct 25!)


My Nights at Houston Fashion Week

by Jenni on October 18, 2012

I must be honest with you…i was involved in Houston Fashion Week last year and it wasn’t what i expected…this year i went to the events expecting horrendous results and with a small pain in my stomach that it would somehow be worse…but i can say with confidence that the event has improved and grown tremendously! Now is that to say it is on the leve of a Milan or New York event…no…the Danny Nguyen Show trump Houston Fashion week and that was a single event…but let me give you the scoop and i will let you decide for yourself…now the first night was the kickoff event (a chance to see a few of every designers pieces and mix and mingle with some fellow fashion lovers) My date was of course Paris Warren Mr. Fashion Show Houston (who else would i bring he is a blast!) The event was held at the Alex Rodriguez Mercedes Showroom and it was a nice presentation. There was a valet service, and once inside, models roamed the room in gowns and hair and make up done very nicely (bight red lips on most) and hair in assorted up dos. Servers presented food (ceviche and some spaghetti on a fork dish) and plenty of red and white wine flowed. There were quite a few photographers there to document the event and Ruben Stunner Show was set up to conduct interviews. There was a weird dance thingy that i cant really describe other than saying it was some models doing some random poses to music…i didn’t get it… But over all it was a fine event. My favorite pieces came from Zoe Fashion Plate Boutique (her models, the infamous Twins, wore some avant garde gold baroque pieces) I had a good time and was enthusiastic about the upcoming shows.

The next event i (well me and Paris Warren ) went to was at the  L Colombe d’or Hotel…it was a breath taking venue…there was wood crown molding with detailed carved ornate designs…lavish paintings, marble,grand pianos and just an over all feeling of opulence. There were more servers with some yummy food…chicken satay, fingerling potatoes filled with dill cream, and apricot and brie tarts…you could buy wine at the bar (which i did.. Chardonnay) Models were getting ready on a side room…each designers had a different type of look for their model…Most of the models had up do’s very prom-esq…and the make up again had a bright red lip on a majority of the models. The runway was set up in a ball room and there were a few rows of chairs draped in a honey toned fabric for each guest to sit in. The chairs were arranged in a cool diamond shape which allowed the models to be seen by all the attendees. The music that they walked to was a few old favorites (lady gaga and such) and in between each designer there was a 15 minute intermission in which cheese was served and folks could get refilled on wine. The clothes were good, a few stand out pieces and some that were not my speed but were interesting to look at…the theme of that particular show was gala inspired and a bridal gown portion as well. My major concern with the show is that not all the models were strong at runway and it took away from the clothing. There were a few models that really stood out as exceptional which carried the show. Again, i was pleased at the event and there was a strong turn out of people who came out.

The last show i attended for Houston Fashion Week took place at Hudson Lounge. I went with my fab friend Paris Warren and i was exited about the evening. I really like Hudson Lounge, it has a cool atmosphere and reminds me of a club in Miami with its modern design and large outdoor space. When i arrived there wasn’t a huge crowd, and there was a make shift runway made out of unlit candles that were haphazardly arranged on the floor. A model began walking the “runway” and then there was a delay of another model coming out for about 5 minutes. The models looked nice  and had there hair and make up done, each one had a different look but the common theme was big hair and bold brightly colored make up. Wolfen Wear was the designer and showed a few of his pieces…mostly short cocktail length dresses with cut outs and fun funky patterns. The models did not all walk uniform, some turned, others sped down the runway so fast you couldn’t even see their outfits, others decided to only walk half of the runway…while others owned the runway like it belonged to them! I heard after the show that a designer that was originally suppose to show as well, pulled out and left a void in the roster for the line up…I was disappointed in that evening for sure. I felt bad for Wolfen Wear because it didn’t showcase his pieces in a professional manner, and he is a well known designer on the Houston Fashion Circuit. I left shortly after feeling robbed of a fashion show!

All in all the events i attended were good, with the expectation of the Saturday Show. I can say that there was a great improvement from the previous year and that i understand that Houston Fashion Week is only in its second year of existence. I greatly want the Houston Fashion Scene to be taken seriously not only by the rest of the world but by Houston too…we have amazing talent here and the potential for Houston to be a fashion capital is enormous! I look forward to next year and have great expectations that it will grow and improve. I want to support local designers and artist but i also want Houston to have consistency to put our best foot forward and get Houston Fashion Week on a level to compete with the already well known cities…We need to give them a run for their money! Like i said there are some shows that don’t have the title of Houston Fashion Week and their productions are out shining HFW…and i feel like that needs to change…Houston Fashion Week should be the show of the year and this year that did fall short and sadly the people affected the most were the designers. But i DO have faith that next year will be better and we as a city will get there soon!


by Jenni on October 11, 2012

This really cool blog has re-ran some of my blog stories!!!


Danny Nguyen Fashion Show-Industrial Beast

by Jenni on October 11, 2012

I can honestly say the DNC Fashion Show was top 3 i have been to in Houston. Period.  I arrived just as his portion of the show was starting. It was held at the Mini Momentum BMW. There were cars parked all along the back roads and fleets of people (573 to be exact)  were walking among the fancy automobiles to make their way to this colossal show. When i first walked in, i saw that they had wait staff handing out yummy hor dourves (i picked up this Vietnamese pancake with cucumber and BBQ pork) and lines of people getting their fill of FREE drinks! There were lots of photographers snapping pics and this was all before i even made my way to the runway! The runway was long and lots of lights that created a slight blue cast to everything in the room. Crowds of people filled the giant room and the machines that the car dealership uses to fix the cars added to the industrial theme of the evening. I made my way to the side stage where of course Paris Warren was orchestrating the back of the house with his assistant Ashley Smalls. Backstage Danny Nguyen was fluffing the gowns before they went down the runway. All the models looked impeccable! The hair was up in sculpted 60′s style shapes. The make up was thick black eye liner and bright pink lips. Paul Mitchell Academy provided the hair. and they did great! Their students should really be proud that they rocked out those styles!

Flowing dresses with beaded and lace detailing glided down the long runway while flashes of light and techno music blared. Most of the gowns were long and hugged the models frame while some were in a cocktail style. All of the dresses construction up close was very impressive. The show ended with a giant black lace dress and it was a stunner! After the show, Danny made his way to thank everyone involved ( sign of a great designer) and invited everyone to the after party at Knox where free champagne would be flowing all night!

I am so glad that i went to the DNC fashion show! It was really a wonderful evening! His entire team (Victor Phan was the man behind alot of his show along with of course Mr. Paris Warren) did an amazing job and next year you better be there if you don’t want to miss what Houston Fashion is all about! You can purchase some of his designs on his website at

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