My good friends Erica Lujan is a successful Model for the Kim Dawson Agency. She is sharing how she stays sexy and fit even during these food-filled holidays!

Sending love to bestie Jenni Reed, who continues to inject the world with all of her light, love, and vivaciousness. Thank you for the opportunity to share with your audience something I am truly passionate about: food!

So the time is upon us.  A time for friends, family and fun! It can be lifting for your spirit but detrimental to your waistline.  Easily the best time to justify ignoring our health and fitness goals until January 1st.

The best way I know how to help you, is to show you exactly what I will be doing to avoid weight gain and navigate holiday parties myself.

1.You must EARN your indulgences. By this I mean using your free-time to pencil in calorie scorching workout routines and preparing clean meals. Pop in an at-home fitness DVD, hit the gym, or go for a walk. It’s important to carve out time for your workouts during the holiday season.

Being committed to eating clean before your indulgences will also ensure little-black-dress success.  My secret is to cook things in advance to be used throughout the week. Healthy carbs such as quinoa, brown rice, and steel-cut oats are all things that can be prepared in advance for quick, healthy meals. Pre-cut veggies are easily thrown in to stirfrys and soup. Fruit is perfect to nosh on. And nutrient-dense meal replacement shakes like Shakeology are a favorite “fast food.”

2.Prepare for holiday parties! In other words, bring a healthful dish, resolve to limit high-caloric alcoholic drinks, and be tactful when heading toward the buffet table. Choose a smaller dinner plate and fill it with lean protein, veggies, and grains.

3.Do not deprive yourself.  Save yourself the anxiety of not being able to eat something you enjoy. If you’ve EARNED it, then have dessert.  I will usually scope out the best dessert on the table. Is it something I am going to truly enjoy? Then, I skim off a small portion, indulge and savor.  Being too rigid during the holiday season has a tendency to backfire on you. This releases you from the bondage of feeling like you are eating something forbidden.

The food you consume is your diet, but you are not “dieting,” you are embracing a healthier LIFESTYLE.  I hope these tips are helpful.  Despite your motivation, whether your goal is simply to be little black dress ready or move in to alignment with your perfect blueprint, eat clean, train for life, and EARN your indulgences. Your body will reward you for it. Period.  Happy healthful holidays!

Not only is Erica a model but she is also a  mother to her beautiful daughter Eden and loving wife to Johnny Lujan. She can help you get your body looking right (and who doesn’t want to get sexier?) To reach Erica contact her via email at and make sure to LIKE her facebook page at 


Houston is home to some of the most talented individuals I have ever met and Clarence is defiantly one of them. He is an up and coming designer whose impressive resume includes interning for Jerri Moore’s Design House. I got a chance to chat with Clarence and ask him his view on fashion.

Clarence tells me that his design esthetic is simple, soft, and functional. He wants a woman to feel effortlessly chic. “I think about my sister when I’m designing and busy women like her.”  This notion is best expressed in his Spring Collection shift dress that emphasizes how a woman can wear one outfit all day and look appropriate in all aspects of her life… From the office to drinks with friends…His color pallet consist of neutrals and powder pinks. (The striking look of black and grey with pops of pink I think are very appealing and would look good on every woman)

I asked Clarence what his inspiration was for this upcoming season and he told me that he has spent a lot of time in New York and a walk in Poets Lane became a focal point in his Spring Collection. “I took a photo of the bare branches and turned it into a print.” That type of creativity and finding beauty in simple moments is what I find most impressive about Clarence’s work.  How many of us would have walked by that same tree and never once thought of making art?  When asked his opinion on upcoming trends Clarence shared that he for sees the drop waist line in women’s apparel and reveals that he has incorporated that concept into his new collection.” I also would like to see more exotic fabrics used like ostrich or python.” (I got very excited about this bc I think exotic leathers are super sexy!)

Clarence then opened up about how he feels the need to make Houston a fashion capital and he knows that him staying in Houston is important to the movement.  “I see so many other designers and models saying that they have to leave Houston to make it and that’s so not true.” (You know how I feel about this subject so I was thrilled to hear him say this!)  He then went on to talk about how grateful he was to Jerri Moore giving him a chance to learn from her and that her challenging him as a designer has really given him inspiration. Clarence shared that he hopes to mentor young designers and he believes fresh and new perspectives is what keeps fashion an exciting industry. “Helping people is a cycle, and just how Jerri gave me a chance I plan on doing the same to someone in design school.”

I believe we will be seeing a lot from Clarence T. Lee. He has a humble and sincere spirit paired with a creative mind. He is one of the key players in showing all that Houston has to offer. His understanding of what a woman needs from her wardrobe and his fresh outlook on trends makes him a designer to watch!


Fashion Houston Event-Glitz, Glam, and Champagne

by Jenni on November 20, 2012

The who’s who of H Town was at the Wortham Center last week for the Fashion Houston Extravaganza! It was all cocktail dresses, and big money at this swanky event. I went to the show on Wednesday and i was in awe the moment i went through the doors! So many beautiful people dressed impeccably and the aura of exclusivity was in the air. Funky house music was being mixed by hot djs and ushers quickly directed the crowds to their seats as the announcement was made that the show was about to begin. Mr. Neal Hamil himself was the host of the evening. He spoke briefly about the designers presenting and cameras flashed as the show began. The runway was long and grand. A hush fell over the crowd as soft bells chimed over the speakers and the first design by Gamma Khan graced the runway.  Gamma Khans clothes made me smile. Her feminine point of view was sophisticated with a tropical flair. Dresses in mint green, bubblegum pinks, white and blacks featured laser cut flowers. The execution was breathtaking. The models (represented by the Neal Hamil Agency) walked with ease and were polished and beautiful. Their make up was fresh with a cat eye, soft pink lips, and hair pulled in a low tight bun. I really enjoyed Gamma Khans clothing and every outfit that came on the runway i wanted in my closet immediately!

The next designer to present was Houston’s own Jerri Moore. The models walked to energetic music like Michael Jackson’s Dance and Shout which was perfect for The color pallet. Cheetah, fuchsia, and gold brocade were some of the main colors Jerri Moore dazzled the audience with.  Her designs had a “look-at-me wow factor.” Her collection featured bold dresses i could see any of Houston’s high society gals wearing. The models hair was pulled back in a low bun with lots of volume of top (like a sexy pompadour feel) Their eyes had a periwinkle shadow on the lid framed with a thin defined brow, a bold cheek, and glossy hot pink lips. The collection ended with a billowing gold and white brocade wedding gown that was a nice finish. Jerri Moore’s designs had a the glamour of the 1920′s with a Houston Modern kick!

There was a brief intermission and during that time i went backstage to see all the hustle and bustle! Along the way i ran into the sexy director at Neal Hamil (Jeff Shell also the man behind the Little Black Dress Project) and designer Chloe Dao. Backstage models were getting their makeup and hair done for the next segment of the show. Racks of clothing lined the hallways while statuesque models gathered together chatting among themselves. (I did see one of my favorite models backstage Caroline Mathis and she looked amazing!) I took this opportunity to grab a quick cocktail while i made my way back to the press box for the show to start again.

The next designer was the one and only Monique Ihuillier. Her set began with structure and tailored ready to wear peplum pant suits in black and whites. She then moved into bright patterned pieces with turquoise accents. Her designs celebrated the woman’s shape and the clothing were powerful and sexy.Traditional South Asian  flair meets the modern woman is what came to mind as her designs took over the runway. Her beautiful patterns looked like water colors came to life. The models make up had a bright blue on the eye and sleek hair with deep crimped waves. The gown portion of her show was mesmerizing. Intricate bead work adorned the gowns with draping that looked effortless. The models looked like they would walk off the runway straight to the red carpet.

The evening ended with a tribute to this years style icon, Ms. Diane Locky Farb. There was a video editorial of her in some of her fashion picks. Mainly it was Chanel and assorted lovely gowns. She wore priceless jewels and her blond hair twirled as she spun to the sound of Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.”

The event was amazing and i really enjoyed myself. Seeing Houston come out to support fashion was inspiring and to see Houston Designers share the runway with some of the industries big names was comforting. I am proud to say that Houston is arriving on the fashion scene and this event is helping us get on the map! Everything from the sounds of champagne popping and the Red Bottoms clicking the Wortham Centers marble floors shouted Fashion is Houston’s Middle Name!

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What Guys Really Like

by Jenni on November 5, 2012

We asked a few of our favorite male cuties what they like and what they don’t like about girls and they gave us their honest (maybe a little too honest) feedback!

“I like a girl to be natural especially with their hair. I’m not crazy about all those extensions” ——keep it healthy to grow longer ladies. Our pick Oribe Hair Mask to add lots of moisture and nutrients to your hair!

“Girls have to keep their hands nice and manicured, doesn’t matter if they are long or short but they have to have them done”—-This seasons hot color is You Only Live Twice by OPI—it is a sparkle fusia tone that is inspired by the new 007 movie!

“I really love a girl with shiny vibrant hair”—Best way to achieve this instantly is a great shine spray! Try Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray

“I hate fake eyelashes.  They look like caterpillars on their eyes” Want long lashes? Give Haute and Naughty by Mac. This formula has 2 different wands to add a lot of volume and long length

“No cakey foundation, I don’t want to hug a girl and all her makeup is on my shirt” keep your skin foundation light and airy with still having great coverage! Our favorite is  Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

“Perfect arched eyebrows are sexy!”—-Get those sexy brows by using Benefit Brow Zings

“The way a woman smells is a major turn on” A yummy smelling fragrance is Victoria Secrets “Tease”… it smells like candy and ultra feminine

“One of my favorite things about a woman is how soft her skin is” Keep your skin touchable by using moisturizing body butter.  Try Treehut Brazilian Nut Shea Body Butter

“no woman should have a mustache, ladies please waxed that ‘stache!” An easy DIY product is Sally Hansens Hair Remover Wax Strips for the Face

“I like it when my girl has her hair down and curly, and when we go out somewhere special she puts it up” You will need hair spray for either style! An Allthingsjenni favorite is Bumble & Bumble Classic Hairspray

“I like women’s lips, and when they were lip stick, my eyes go to her mouth”—Keep his eyes glued to you by wearing this trendy shade…Pink Dusk!  From the Tom Ford Collection available at Neiman Marcus



Mascara for Sexy Long Lashes

by Jenni on November 2, 2012

Eyes are our most unique feature and ladies love to make them pop. One of the best ways to do this is have those lashes long! One of my favorite mascaras right now is  Macs Opulash. It gives major volume and length to even the puniest of lashes! The brush is fat and hold a lot of product and the bristles are shaped to get every single lash. The mascara is black and doesn’t flake very easily. First things first…make sure to curl your lashes! It makes a huge difference in creating a bright eyes look! The best way to apply it is to get right into the root of the lash and wiggle the brush so that way you are creating volume at the base of the lash line. After you have done one coat wait about a minute then apply a second coat. You can even take the tip of the brush and use that on the tips of your lashes for extra volume. The same goes for your bottom lashes. I usually only put one coat on the bottom though. And most of the time I use a water proof mascara on my bottom lashes in case my eyes water. You should still use this great mascara even if you wear fake lashes! This will ensure that your own lashes blend well with the false lashes. Great news—-this is the mascara that comes with Macs Holiday Gift Set Glamour Daze!!!! Have fun driving those boys crazy with your sexy eyes :)