Face Primer-Secret to Great Foundation

by Jenni on December 8, 2012

I am surprised at how many woman are not using one of the best beauty product out there! Primers help minimize pores, keep your make up on longer, and help control oil! Primer is NOT a substitute for moisturizers though! You still have to moisturize to help plump your skin and hydrate it before you apply a primer! You can apply a primer with a brush or your hands, you can also use a sponge, however, be aware that a sponge can soak up a lot of your product. You want to make sure you are using a primer that is best suited for your skin. (Some primers are formulated for oily, dry, or normal skin) After the primer, then apply your foundation. Primers can be used with powder, cream, or liquid foundation. Enjoy ladies and let me know how you noticed a difference in your makeup!

Some of my favorite primers are Mac, Smash Box, and Bare Essentials.