Andre Redou-Houston’s Dirty Little Secret

by Jenni on March 26, 2013

If you have never gotten the pleasure of seeing the wonderment that is an Andre Redou Fashion show…get from underneath your rock! He doesn’t do fashion shows often so when he does it is a treat that leaves people talking for weeks! Andre is a sweet and caring designer…he is extremely humble which is unbelievable considering the amount of talent he possesses! He designs are edgy and unlike anything you have ever seen! I own quite a few Andre Redou design and I am constantly being asked…where did you get that? I just grin and kind of in a bitchy way say…Its Andre Redou…This past weekend Shun Paris put on a beautiful show at the Las Velas and Andre Redou was the closing designer…he wowed everyone with his Tim Burton meets Alexander Mc Queen meets the hidden dominatrix inside of all of us! It was magnificent!!!! So Houston…actually the WORLD better watch out bc this is for sure a star being born…and who would have known all these awesome and wonderfully spooky designs came from this shy smiling designer? To contact Andre hit up his FB page!!/andre.redou?fref=ts


With all the different options out there it can be hard to choose the right face powder for your specific needs! We are going to talk about the different types and which skin types it works best for!

Dry Skin is usually not best suited for powder…the exeption for this would be Mineralized powder…these types work bc they are very hydrating and wont leave your skin looking dry and flacky. With this being said oily skin should stray from mineralized powders bc they may create too much shine and not help absorb the excess oils.

Powder foundation is an excellent choice for oily skin. It leaves matte finish on skin and helps keep shine under control.

Pressed powder is used on top of liquid foundation and can be used throughout the day for touch ups.

Blot powder is used for people who may be oily or have an oily T zone. It doesn’t deposit a lot of color but more used for absorbing oils.

Translucent powder is excellent bc it can be used over most skin types to set liquid foundation without depositing color and can be used on areas to create a flawless matted finish especially on areas tht tend to have unwanted shine.

I hope this help! Let me know which brands of powder that you enjoy!


Stop Bad Brows— Eye Brow Intervention

by Jenni on March 21, 2013

It’s time to get real…I have a problem…and it is girls with these ratchet eyebrows… look I know you are a you-tuber that wants to get your brows looking fierce…but girl stop…here are some quick tips to make sure you keep people from laughing at you behind your back or worse…ending up on

Tip number one—if you insist on using concealer around your brows don’t go too much lighter than your skin shade

Tip 2—blend. For God’s sake please blend…which a sponge or a fluffy brush…no one should see a line of concealer around your brow

Tip3—do not over draw them…I know large brows are in however there is no need to make them twice as large

Tip4—Ursula from the little Mermaid should not be your brow role model…ultra thin brows are a thing of past…where they should remain

Tip5—your brows should not touch…why would you draw on a uni-brow…use your eye shape and placement as a guide to where your brows should stop and finish

Tip6—that squared off brow front isn’t cute…has never been and never will…it makes you look old…use an old mascara wand to fade in your brow front

I hope this helps ladies! I just want to make the world a more beautiful place one brow at a time J


Smooth Hair How-to…Get that Runway Look

by Jenni on March 21, 2013

This season trend is smooth sexy hair…it can be seen on runways from Milan to New York and you can be rocking it too! Gone are the days of the big Texas hair now silky straight strands are taking over! Here is how you can achieve these tresses easily and be on style in no time!

First wash hair with smoothing shampoo and conditioner (this is important bc many of these products have a silicon smoother and ant-humectants to protect against frizz) Try L’Oreal’s Ever Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner

Next blow dry hair… makes sure you apply a heat protectant to ensure you don’t damage your hair!  You may also apply a smoothing product at this point. I really like the Kiehls Heat Protective Cream. It is made for hard to tame hair but is not greasy and doesn’t weigh hair down. It will give you the flowing straight locks easily and nourishing your hair with natural extracts at the same time!

Now it’s time to flat iron! Section your hair in 4 parts and take sections that are no larger than 2 inches wide and ½ inch thick (this makes sure that you are applying heat to every part of your hair and getting the maximum smoothness possible) If your hair is resistant I suggest spraying your hair with a light hair spray before flat ironing. I like Herbal Essence Sleek and Shine Hairspray (and it smells yummy too!)

Lastly, apply a gloss shine serum to your hair…make sure not to just apply it to the top of your hair but run it from the ends to the top. I really like Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. It is light weight and packs a lot of shine! A little goes a long way!

On the runway you are seeing some sexy middle parts and the ever popular low pony tail! So try some different ways to rock your smooth and sleek new look and let me know what you think!


BB Cream-The Answer to Our Makeup Prayers

by Jenni on March 4, 2013

BB Cream

I know you have heard of this new phenomenon which is Beauty Balm (aka BB Cream) It is this revolutionary product that will give you the dewy luminescent skin that is this season’s hottest trend. BB Cream is truly a little miracle in a bottle bc it does the job of several products (which minimizes your makeup bag load too!)

Look at all the amazing benefits to a BB Cream!

BB cream is a moisturizer,

Provides Sun protection,

Smoothes the texture surface of your skin,

Adds radiance,

Evens tone,

Reduces redness,

Acts as a primer,

And provides some tint so you may be able to wear it as your foundation!

My favorite way to use it is underneath a powder or cream foundation, which often has a powdery finish.

First apply the BB cream with a sponge. This is important bc a sponge will ensure that you are not using too much product. You want to use a downward stroke and apply a thin even amount to your face.

Next use a brush to apply your foundation using a circular motion. Hi will give you more of a blended effect.

You skin will look like butter…so even and smooth!  Your face will glow and your makeup will stay on longer bc the BB cream is your primer.

Try this amazing product!!!!! And let me know what you think!!!

My favorite right now is Macs Prep and Prime BB Cream—-Note it doesn’t come in that many shades right now…if you are more olive use the light plus shade—you won’t be able to wear it alone however underneath foundation it is perfect!!!!