How To Video-Smokey Eye

by Jenni on June 18, 2013

I woke up feeling like ugh- I REALLY need to wash my hair…but I hate doing it and I was in the mood to pamper myself so I decided to treat myself and check out these blow dry bars I have been hearing about…Basically, they wash and blow dry your hair and that’s all they do! (well they do some styling and heat tools if you request) I really enjoyed it…I was able to make my appointment on line and each appointment is apx 45 minutes…the salon is really pretty inside…it I crisp white with pops of orange accents. It is while femine and modern with out being fussy. The staff is nice and provide you with complementary cocktails like champagne while you enjoy fun girly movies on the big screen ( I was watching 27 dresses) When you first sit down the stylist show you an I pad with different options of volume and curl size then take you to get a shampoo…you can get a hair mask if you wish for an additional charge. The stylist then begin the blow drying and use their own product line which is nice. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down but I am having alittle issue with humidity bc of the weather today… All of this for the reasonable price of 35.00! Yeah for only 35.00 you get a fabulous blow out and fun easy trip to the salon for a little ME time! Think about it…that’s like 7 lattes from Starbucks!!!

Also they have bundle packages where you save if you go often!

I really enjoyed myself today and I will defiantly be going back! I suggest you try it at least once! It would be perfect for that little pick me up or a special occasion… Let me know what you think and how it turned out!