Check out the finished product from collaboration with Austin Goswick (photographer) DNC-Danny Nguyen Couture  (dress designer) Lena LeDay (shoe designer)  model Regan Barwick and of course ME (Jenni Reed) on hair and makeup! I wanted this shoot to be romantic and haunting with undertones of  grandeur. I accomplished this with big cascading curls and soft makeup…Her hair I did with a wand and lots of teasing…her makeup was a neutral color pallet with smoky steel grey eyes. I finished her look with a soft pink lips. I really enjoyed this shoot and it was so much fun working with such a talented group of people!


You Look Boring…kick makeup habits…

by Jenni on August 16, 2013

We all get stuck in a routine or in a rut…and the reflection in the mirror just looks blah…we begin to wear the same makeup whether we are on a date, going to work, the grocery store… and that’s not right! so how do we change this? it can be scary to try something new and the familiar is easy and comfortable… Well I say just go for it! It is just makeup and it can be washed off! go out on a limb! try that new purple eye shadow that you walk past in the store! Wear that red lip! Just spice it up! You will be surprised at how good it feels to reinvent yourself or how much a new lip color can change the way  you walk into a room! A few tips on choosing… go into the store and just grab what catches your eye first…(this tends to work best with eye shadow) Try going into a cosmetics store and TRUSTING the associate to pick out a color for you…you may not like it but wear it for the day and remember it may just be that it is unfamiliar to you… a blush is also an easy way to subtly change up you look…if you usually go for pink try going for something with more of a peachy tone!

I cant wait to see your before and afters! Let me know how you have kicked makeup habits and recreated your image! Remember the best accessory a woman wears is her confidence!