My New Beauty Secret…For Weight, Skin, and Hair!

by Jenni on January 29, 2014

I was recently told about a new all natural product that removes makeup, keeps your skin hydrated and keeps you from being oily! I was super excited because I am always looking for a one stop shop for my skin! I tried it and LOVED it! It even removed my water proof eyeliner and eyelash glue! Then I noticed the next morning that my skin looked fresh and I didn’t have any blemishes AND my face wasn’t oily! I was in LOVE!!!! So I started doing a little research on line and found that my same new favorite beauty product also was great for my hair! So I immediately put it on my ends of my hair and worked it into the rest of my strands! Low and behold my curls were revived and my flyways gone AND my hair smelled amazing! I was thrilled! That night I washed my hair and after I dried it I noticed that my hair had retained its shine and softness! It felt hydrated and full of life! SO ok I know…you want to know what this product could possibly be…and how expensive is it…Well….Its coconut butter!!! You can buy it at HEB for under 10.00!!! The BEST part about my little coconut revelation is that you can substitute it for oil for in your cooking and save calories! That’s right ladies it is great for your waist too! I am now converted into a coconut fanatic! Who would have known that all this time there was something that did all these amazing thing?! I really hope you try this out! Let me know how much you love using coconut butter and if I have turned you into a believer!

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