Easy Ways to Look Thinner FAST-Just in Time for the Summer!

by Jenni on April 29, 2014

loseweightWe all have had those occasions where we say to ourselves…I just need to drop  like 5 pounds fast! Maybe its for that new dress you just bought, a wedding you gotta attend, or you plan on running into your ex and you need to make sure you look amazing! Here are a few tips and tricks I have had used in the past! Now I must warn you these aren’t permanent fixes…and shouldn’t be used all the time….BUT they do have quick results!

Water Pills- these little bad boys can be found at Walmart or CVS…they get rid of water weight especially if you feel bloated or have been eating a lot of salt!

Super Dieters Tea- You drink this tea at night and it cleanses you…of toxins…and other things (You wake up in the morning and gotta go) You can pick some up at your grocery store

Saffron Extract- Saffron has a reputation for being an appetite suppressant and reducing belly fat and its all natural! It also helps with emotional over eating which is a big issue for me! Again, it can be found at your grocery store!

Body Wraps- I like these things…the ones you get done at a spa…they measure you first then measure you after the wraps so you can see how many INCHES you have loss! They can be kinda pricey…but immediate results are worth it!


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