Volume…a Girl’s Best Friend-How to Achieve Sexy, Bouncy Curls

by Jenni on October 13, 2014

photo 1Big beautiful hair is a must when you are trying to make a sexy statement. Another problem is making sure it last and stays just as voluminous as when you left the house! Here is how I keep my hair in Brigitte Bardot fashion and the products I use to achieve this timeless look!photo 2
First, I start with clean hair
then I apply Aveda Style Prep Smoother. This is a heat protectant and humidity control…volume does not mean frizzy! and Aveda Phemollient, this provides hold with out weighing down your hair!!
Blow dry hair
Next, use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and curl hair in 1 inch sections
while each curl is still hot, coil in same direction and clip in place
Complete all over head
Once finished, spray with aerosol hair spray. I like Orbie hair spray
I usually do my hair first then my make up so the hair has time to cool off and “set” —Let it set for at least 30 mins
Take clip out of hair and lightly tussle curls
Use a smoother on ends of hair and on any fly-aways. My favorite is Moroccan Oil Frizz Control
I love when I do my hair this way! I feel incredible and I am confident my hair look amazing plus I get soooo many compliments! The nice thing is that is usually still looks great the next day too!photo (7)

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