Fashion Houston 5- International Style Meets Southern Hospitality

by Jenni on November 22, 2014

Upon arriving at Houston’s historical Wortham Center and stepping on to the red carpet, I instantly experienced a feeling that can only be described as a true Cinderella moment.

Amidst the glitz, glamour and flashing lights were scores of sexy women accompanied by their  equally attractive dates; and as I grabbed my glass of champagne and mingled with the crowd, there was no doubt that I was among the city’s elite tastemakers at Fashion Houston 5.

Per tradition, everyone grabbed their seats as the sold-out show began. The night’s proceeedings kicked of with a wonderful music number and Kristin Mills, who, accompanied by an upright bass and tambourine, provided a sultry intro into fashion.

Spring 2015 Bibhu Monohapatra served as the show’s opining line. A collection perfect for women in power, the designs were structured — but fun. I couldn’t help but note a lot of crisp white with pops of a geometric pattern: Think the stylings of the 1950s, revisited with a modern twist.

Blush also made an appearance this season. The monochromatic feminine tone was a nice contrast to the structure silhouette that graced the runway.

The models wore their hair pulled back in a tight chignon. The makeup was beautifully flawless skin with a pop of dark cranberry lip. His collection was a selection of waistcoasts, skirts, pant suits and cocktail dresses. It is a lifestyle collection that a woman could wear and look like Grace Kelly. Bibhu Monohapatra makes clothes for the woman that every little girl aspires to be.

Next up was Rebecca Minkoff. The models of hoer Spring 2015 collection had a fun and easy going bounce as they sashayed the runway to pop music. Her collection is flirty and youthful: The ideal for the girl on the town. They are effortless and can be dressed up or down with a pair of

heels while seeming easy going and relaxed. Many garments are off the shoulder and flowy.

Heads up: Crop tops will again be seen this season (so start doing those crunches now).

Minkoff seems to let the fabric design the garments for the “sex in the city” girl that wears her clothes. I eyed lush tones in her collection as well as as navy and sky blue. The models wore their hair down with loose waves. The makeup was very natural in the unprocessed trend.

My favorite piece? A sleeveless cream colored  jumpsuit in all lace with pockets and wide legs.

Jio’Zei Reyes collection is what runway shows are known for. His models stomped the runway with purpose to a dance remix of classical Beethoven. His designs are futuristic, with dramatic lines and angles. He dresses a woman who isn’t afraid of attention  … think bad girl. Think bitch. He opted for a darker color pallet than one would expect for spring — but then again when do you see a super villain wearing light pastels?

Many of his designs are belted to show off the powerful figure of the woman. Along with slits that say

“I’m sexy and I know it… and you know it too.”

The models hair had deep side part and pulled back, their makeup was dramatic with contoured cheek bones, smoky eyes and a dark vampy lip.

Jio’Zei Reyes designs for a confident daring woman  who is taking over.

Next up was Rolando Santana Spring 2015: A truly breath taking collection. Seriously, his clothing brought a little tear to my eye. His clothing looked like the models were draped in petals. They were bouncy, elegant and feminine. Teals, Kelly greens, and periwinkles made strong statements on the runway. His collection was a perfect balance of structure pieces and airy dresses. Just when I thought I’d seen it all,  this God-sent piece took the stage…it was a

teal fur coat over a chiffon knee length teal dress. I’m still dreaming about it. It was sensational.

The models walked as if they had no cares in the world..they strolled down the runway with their hair in slicked back straight pony tails. Their makeup was soft in light pinks and corals. His clothes were chic and looked expensive. It was confident without being overworked and showing too much. It was just enough sexy to keep you interested but had an element of innocence.

Rolando Santana designs for goddesses.

Chloe Dao closed out the show with her Spring 2015 collection. It was feminine, soft, and perfect. Chloe Dao’s understanding of a woman’s body is what makes her pieces so incredible. The mixture of structure and light fabrics works. She incorporated cut outs in a way that looks sophisticated and that all women can wear and look beautiful. Her collection featured navy, strips, magenta, and a water color inspired floral print. The models wore their hair in a loose, 1940′s inspired up-do. Their makeup was fresh faced and featured a soft pink lip. My favorite piece was a bustier topped long gown in that floral print with pockets! Super flirty and I would find somewhere to go in that! Her pieces looked regal and playful — a combination only Chloe Dao can achieve. I overheard women in the audience that would lean over and whisper “I want that; I would wear that; oh my that is amazing” to each piece that came down the runway. Chloe Dao is the designer for every woman. Period.

Photos – Wylie J Photography @ Wy2h2

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