Dramatic Eyes and Lips for Fall

by Jenni on October 26, 2013

This season metallic tones and textures dominate the fashion scene. Don’t be afraid of bold colors on the eyes and lips! Keep skin dewy and radiant for a flawless finish!

Makeup By Jenni Reed (ME)

Photography by Austin Goswick

Model- Kiara


Fall Lipstick Trends-How to Update Your Look

by Jenni on September 17, 2013

Fall is here! Time to put away that pink lipstick ladies and get into a darker mode…This fall its all about a dark red, merlots, and even dark browns! Ombre lips are a huge rage as well! You can achieve this by using a darker lip liner on the outside and corners of your lips. I really love this look because it is a more mysterious take on a traditional red lip! My favorite liner to use is “Nightmoth” from Mac. You can even use this all over your lip for an intense matte look that has a lot of staying power! Pair these darker fall lips with a more natural eye and keep the focus on your bold lip. A simple eye liner goes a long way or even a slight shimmer on just the lid. So switch up your look this season and embrace this fun new trend!





The ice rink in the galleria was converted to an opulent tent filled with fashion, runways, and champagne this past Thursday and yours truly has all the scoop! Big fashion houses presented their fall lines on the mega cat walk to a sea of eager fashionistas. The tent had each of its entrances guarded by imposing men in black who made sure everyone that entered had the coveted wrist bands that gave you access to a wonderland inside. The room was draped in shades of  teals and crisp white ottomans created meeting areas for people to mingle and enjoy the scenery. Friendly wait staff offered wine and champagne, and guest were able to get complementary cocktails (grey Goose was one of the many sponsors.) Chandeliers dripping with crystals hung from the ceiling and all the attendees looked straight out of a fashion magazine. The whos’s who of Houston was there ( i was sitting next to Designer Chloe Dao) and excitement of the show gave the room a good energy.

The show opened with a live performance of “I’m bringing Sexy Back” and the Page Parks models began strutting their stuff down the runway. Most of the collections had an overtone of black and white. I really liked the Fendi Collection which had beautiful plum tones and lush furs paired with leather. Jimmy Choo has sexy ankle booties with straps and these thigh high leather boots ( honey…you could really go places if you had boots like that let me tell you!) I also really loved the Farregamo Fall trends! It featured delicate silks with a mod twist in muted shades of steel.

The models looked chic and friendly…they smiled going down the runway (i think it would have been more high fashion without the smiles). I spoke with Chibbi, one of the makeup artist from Mac  who worked on the show, he informed me that  the makeup featured one of the fall’s hottest trends “Reb-elle.” That is a smudgy smoky eye (it looks more carefree then a traditional smoky eye…imagine u had a smoky eye then had a drink and danced) paired with a nude lip and flawless skin. The hair was sleek and pulled away from the face.

I had a great time at the show…the swag bags had fun goodies inside (French macaroons, candles, beauty supplement drinks, car plug, cologne, and baby vodka bottles) I am happy to see Houston bringing these big names in fashion to our city. We are making a splash in the industry and i am excited for this seasons trends! Let me know what you think of this seasons trends and send pics of you rocking them!!!


Bye Bye Chipped Nails!- Hello Kismet Nail Salon

by Jenni on September 5, 2013

I have been wearing acrylic nails since I was about 15…and I love them! I use my hands when I talk and especially with work it is important that my hands look nice ( do you honestly want someone with jacked up fingers touching your face?) Plus, we all look at peoples hands and feet… its second nature! But, one of the issues that I have is that my nail polish chips and within one week my nails don’t look as awesome as they did when I first left the nail salon!

 I have heard about Shellac and I decided to give it a try on top of my acrylic nails. I went to Kismet Nail Salon which is off of Westheimer in the galleria area. It is inside of the Blue Lion Salon Suites and I was impressed when I first walked in because the décor is so posh and modern. Virginia was my nail tech and she was very nice and easy to talk to. She is the owner of the nail studio. She said that she really focuses on healthy nails and had a large variety of Shellac colors for me to choose from. Well I love pink so of course that’s what I chose! I told her the shape I wanted my nails and explained to her that I don’t like my nails long. She didn’t drill to hard and she didn’t cut me with the drill ( I hate when that happens) She really looked at each nail and I didn’t feel rushed. It was also nice since we were the only two in the suite, so she wasn’t  holding side conversations and I was able to relax. The Shellac was super fast and easy! She painted the nails with the special polish then cured each hand with this UV machine (twice) then applied a top coat. there was no dry time and I was able to continue on my day not worried about smudges! You can also do this on top of your real nails and it last up to 2 weeks with out chipping and it doesn’t loose its shine either!

 This up coming fall trends to watch for on nails is TEXTURE! You will be seeing texture play a major role in our favorite fall colors like wines, deep crimsons, and grey will be making a comeback! Take pics of your fall nails and let me know what you think of the Shellac manicure!

To book your next mani or pedi with Kismet Nails visit their website at www.kismetnails.com (It is so easy to book because you can do it online BONUS—they have a loyalty program where you get money off after a few visits!)



The Secret Weapon for Fablous Hair

by Jenni on September 4, 2013

I have curly hair that is a pain for me to do myself…It takes me hours and with the humidity its almost pointless…like as soon as I walk outside—POOF—back to a frizzy mess…well if this is something you can relate to I have the cure for you!!!! Keratin…it is a magic in a bottle! What it does is coats your strands to ensure silky shiny hair…it also makes your hair stronger because it is a outer coating that will wear off after about 4-6 months. Unlike a relaxer or a Brazilian blow out, which changes the inside of your hair and has to be grown out, keratin isn’t a permanent fix. It also does contain formaldehyde which many are concerned about but so does nail polish and broccoli produces it when you steam it! (of course it is a little stronger than that though!) Another wonderful trait about keratin is that it quicken your hair drying time…this is what really attracted me because blow drying my hair is one of my least favorite things to do! It cuts my drying time in half!!!! And it dries almost straight! I was regularly going to the hair salon for them to wash and dry my hair…this was costing me around 40.00 a week! Now I can do my own hair at home and it look just as good because the keratin smooth’s my hair out and it doesn’t take me as long! Keratin does relax the curl in your hair…not completely but it is noticeable. The cost can range depending on where you go and how long your hair is…I had my friend Ana Strauss do it for me and it starts around 150.00 (but remember it does last for up to 6 months) Let me tell you…my hair hasn’t been happier!!!! Let me know what ya’ll think and send me before and after pics!!!

To contact Ana for your keratin treatments email her at Enlightner4aveda@gmail.com




Check out the finished product from collaboration with Austin Goswick (photographer) DNC-Danny Nguyen Couture  (dress designer) Lena LeDay (shoe designer)  model Regan Barwick and of course ME (Jenni Reed) on hair and makeup! I wanted this shoot to be romantic and haunting with undertones of  grandeur. I accomplished this with big cascading curls and soft makeup…Her hair I did with a wand and lots of teasing…her makeup was a neutral color pallet with smoky steel grey eyes. I finished her look with a soft pink lips. I really enjoyed this shoot and it was so much fun working with such a talented group of people!


You Look Boring…kick makeup habits…

by Jenni on August 16, 2013

We all get stuck in a routine or in a rut…and the reflection in the mirror just looks blah…we begin to wear the same makeup whether we are on a date, going to work, the grocery store… and that’s not right! so how do we change this? it can be scary to try something new and the familiar is easy and comfortable… Well I say just go for it! It is just makeup and it can be washed off! go out on a limb! try that new purple eye shadow that you walk past in the store! Wear that red lip! Just spice it up! You will be surprised at how good it feels to reinvent yourself or how much a new lip color can change the way  you walk into a room! A few tips on choosing… go into the store and just grab what catches your eye first…(this tends to work best with eye shadow) Try going into a cosmetics store and TRUSTING the associate to pick out a color for you…you may not like it but wear it for the day and remember it may just be that it is unfamiliar to you… a blush is also an easy way to subtly change up you look…if you usually go for pink try going for something with more of a peachy tone!

I cant wait to see your before and afters! Let me know how you have kicked makeup habits and recreated your image! Remember the best accessory a woman wears is her confidence!



How To Video-Smokey Eye

by Jenni on June 18, 2013

I woke up feeling like ugh- I REALLY need to wash my hair…but I hate doing it and I was in the mood to pamper myself so I decided to treat myself and check out these blow dry bars I have been hearing about…Basically, they wash and blow dry your hair and that’s all they do! (well they do some styling and heat tools if you request) I really enjoyed it…I was able to make my appointment on line and each appointment is apx 45 minutes…the salon is really pretty inside…it I crisp white with pops of orange accents. It is while femine and modern with out being fussy. The staff is nice and provide you with complementary cocktails like champagne while you enjoy fun girly movies on the big screen ( I was watching 27 dresses) When you first sit down the stylist show you an I pad with different options of volume and curl size then take you to get a shampoo…you can get a hair mask if you wish for an additional charge. The stylist then begin the blow drying and use their own product line which is nice. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down but I am having alittle issue with humidity bc of the weather today… All of this for the reasonable price of 35.00! Yeah for only 35.00 you get a fabulous blow out and fun easy trip to the salon for a little ME time! Think about it…that’s like 7 lattes from Starbucks!!!

Also they have bundle packages where you save if you go often!

I really enjoyed myself today and I will defiantly be going back! I suggest you try it at least once! It would be perfect for that little pick me up or a special occasion… Let me know what you think and how it turned out!